More than a real estate agency.

Un lloc per: viure. Real estate consulting.


Sale and rent of residential, rural, commercial and industrial property.

We understand intermediation as an assignment of trust from our clients, for this reason our management goes far beyond conventional marketing techniques.
At Un Lloc Per Viure, each consultant is assigned a number of properties to which he knows he can devote all his attention, work and dedication.
An exhaustive knowledge of our portfolio helps us to meet the investment expectations of our clients.

Customer satisfaction when conventional techniques are used
Own sales plan and a tailor-made treatment for each property


Consultancy We offer you a close, real and decisive consulting service.

Consulting service with a large team of professionals, selected from among the best with whom to coordinate our actions. Some of the services we can offer you are:

- Financing Studies.
- Feasibility and Market Studies.
- Adjustments of rustic properties-Valuations - Appraisals.
- Urbanism
- Real estate legal advice.
- Insurance management.
- Final customer satisfaction when hiring:

Traditional Real Estate
Real Estate Consultancy ULLPV


Real Estate Management.

Comprehensive management of your wealth and improved asset performance.
We want to participate in the minimization of your costs and in giving added value to your properties: Reforms, Home Staging, Adaptations,...

Satisfaction when an agent advises you to: Sell a property only
Manage all your assets in the most efficient way from ULLPV


Technical office

- Project Management
- Management of Works and Services. (New work, Rehabilitation and Reforms -community and private-)
- Management for obtaining the ITE, Certificate of aptitude, habitability certificates, energy efficiency certificates and activity licenses.

Solutions obtained through the personal research of professionals
The trust placed in the ULLPV team of professionals


Buyer's Agent

You hire us to find the best option that suits your needs among all the properties for sale in the sector.
We negotiate and obtain the best deals for you, and accompany you throughout the process of creating your home and relocating your family.

Success in the property search
Contracting to ULLPV as Buyer's Agent


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